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                    Including Collections, Remixes and much more

Looking for that rare track you loved and brings back wonderful memories and found you can't buy it or download it anywhere??


We at AUTUMN VIOLETS MUSIC will find it. But, we don't just find it for you, we will Digitally Remaster it for you and supply you with "Better Than CD Quality Sound"

Autumn Violets Music is perfect for DJ's, Musicians, Studios, Radio Stations, T.V. and Theatre or just Music Fanatics that want the best of everything.

You can order an entire year of chart entries or make your own playlist.

We digitally remaster ALL our music using the highest quality softwere available so you get better than CD sound quality. We can supply in .MP3 (320kbps), CDDA, FLAC and any other file format you prefer.

And if that's not enough, for those who like the music from the 50s and Early 60s that was not mastered in Stereo. We use a process called D.E.S. (Digital Extraction Stereo). By making 4 tracks of the same mono song and changing vocals in instruments in each channel so the end result to you is a perfect version of what the track should have sounded like if multi-track stereo was used at the time. For the first time ever you can hear your mono favourites in real STEREO.

And if that is still not enough, all our tracks are professionally and expertly tagged with album covers embedding in the files so whatever digital device you copy the files to, computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, BD/DVD/CD player, network player, or you just play them direct from the flash drive your search engine will find the track you requre fast and easy, and you can rest easy knowing that none of our digital tracks are encoded with DRM so you can copy and move and do anything you like with them.

(However, if you buy a conventional CD in CDDA format it will be untagged and if you rip it to a digital device like a computer or laptop you will need ripping softwere and it will rip as track 1, track 2, track 3 and so on and you will have to enter all the information yourself. This is all done for you on every other format.)

We use hi-end equipment, not USB turntables to remaster the vinyl and shellec. We search and travel all over the globe to bring you the original recordings by the original artists as originally charted. No remixes or re-recordings unless stated.

Autumn Violets Music is a non-profit small business and no infringment to copyright is intended. We BUY new and used music in to remaster and promote it in a limited capacity (DJs, radio, musician and professional situations) that lead to sales for the artists. The funds charged is to cover printing, graphic design, materials and DJ remixing expenses only. 

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