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1982 was an amazing year of change for Top Of The Pops. As we entered 1982 we had Human League hold the top of the charts until mid-late January when Bucks Fizz made the first new number one of the year with 'The Land Of Make Believe'. It was a song written with a spooky undertone although it was just thought of a a childs Christmas song. With a lyric 'Something nasty in your garden, waiting patiently til it can get your heart' written with Thatcher in mind.


Thatcherizm was at its peak with over 3 million unemployed which by todays population of the U.K. would be equal to almast 8 million out of work. Homelessness was rising by thousands a day but she put everything into fighting a pointless war over 8,000 miles away in the South Atlantic. Her corrage in winning the war in the Falkland Islands won her a second term in 1983 and the country continued to fall into decline.


The year also seen the release of the biggest blockbuster movie of all time until records were broken in 1997 with 'Titanic'. It was the year of E.T. only the U.K. release came months after the U.S. release and with all the hype the pirate video tapes of the film just rocketed. With an average selling price of £30 ($40) which by todays cost of living would be £100 per video tape and most likely was filmed on an inferior video camera from the back of the cinemas, yet for some bizzare reason people paid it and piracy boomed.


The Queen had her 30th anniverary and Prince William was born.


The biggest hit of 1982 was American. 'Eye Of The Tiger' was number 1 for 4 weeks followed closely by The Jam who were the first Top Of The Pops act to perform a double A side single on the show with 'A Town Called Malice' and 'Precious'


This collection will provide you with every U.K. Top 40 entry of the year starting at the first new entry of the first new chart of 1982 and ending on the last in December.




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