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And The Beat Goes On....


1980 was the year that both pop music and TOTP changed. A new generation of British pop arrived with Dexy's, Adam Ant, the Human League and OMD. The show changed as the veteran TOTP orchestra was laid off, the studio audience doubled in size, new sets were built and a range of celebrity co-hosts from Elton John to Kevin Keegan to Russ Abbott arrived.

This collection explores these dramatic changes in Top of the Pops, British pop and British society in the music including Adam Ant, the Human League, OMD, Kevin Rowlands, Coronation Street actress Sally Lindsay (who appeared with St Winifred's School Choir), Kelly Marie, Ray Dorset, Johnny Logan, the Vapors, the Piranhas and Richard Skinner.








Through 2015 this CD collection will follow the show with each Chapter (CD) containing the original singles of the performers on the show and includes literally every U.K. Top 40 Single from and to the dates shown on the front of the CD. Occasionally a performer on the show still did not break the Top 40 and if popular enough will be included for good measure.


Don't forget to tune in every Thursday on BBC4 for the latest show as it was in 1980. You can also catch up on iPlayer. If you find the show is not repeated in any week it is for a valid reason, for example it was presented by Jimmy Savile, Dave Lee Travis or was not shown that week in 1980 for other reasons.

Chapter 18 is a double disc featuring CD and DVD.

DVD contains unseen footage of

John Lennons Death on December 8th

That's about all folks. Least for 1980.

If you have collected them all then you now own every UK Top 40 chart entry and even those performances on Top Of The Pops they didn't quite make it to the Top 40.


So what now? Well Karan Carpenter said "We've Only Just Begun" and as Al Jolson also said "You Ain't Seen Nothin Yet"

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