Welcome To Every Chart Entry Of 1962

Welcome to the Story Of 1962


1962 was a year where nothing happened. Rock 'n' Roll had died and there was nothing to replace it. America had lost its grip in general singles sales with only Elvis headlining. In the U.K. there was only 13 number ones in 1962 and 5 of them were by Elvis Presley, 2 by Cliff Richard and The Shadows, 2 by Frank Ifiled, 3 one hit wonders and Ray Charles cover of 'I Can't Stop Loving You'. It was mainly Elvis and Cliff that carried us through the year while a lot of chart music was flooded with ragtime, old Jazz, TV Theme tunes and only the well established huge artists having any real success. There were a lot of records that are still played on radio today and a few heard in bars but most would look back at 1962 as a gap year that was just coasting along until either America or Great Britian came up with something new.


However while there was nothing happening on the scene, behind the scenes something was brewing and it was brewing in the U.K. While Chubby was getting everyone to keep twisting Liverpool was setting the trend for a new sound, one that was going to not only revolutionize pop music and put Britain on the map worldwide but mark the start of the Swinging Sixties. That was all to come next year, but 1962 will remain the year that Rock 'n' Roll had it's final death nail in it's coffin and those who lived it will remember and for those who didn't it is a year to look back on as far as the headlines in the music go, everyone sat waiting for the next big trend.


Here you will find in this collection ALL of the singles that entered the top 40 charts in the U.K. in 1962 and as we cruise through it and get geared up for what was going to go down worldwide as 'The British Invasion'

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