Welcome To Every Chart Entry Of 1960

Welcome to the 1960s, a new decade and a new way of listening to music. Stereo music and colour movies were starting to show what the future was going to look like.


The 1960s was going to see even more change then the previous decade before it. Buddy Holly, along with two other great Rock 'n' Roll artists were gone and Elvis was in the U.S. Army leaving a void that had to be filled but no one could and Rock 'n' Roll started to change dramatically.


In April while on a U.K. tour with Gene Vincent 'Eddie Cochran' was killed in a car crash leaving a string of posthumous chart success in the U.K.


The following month Elvis came out of the Army and the release of his new album, rightly titled 'Elvis Is Back' went to Number One. It was the first L.P. record sold where the customer could buy either a Mono or Stereo pressing, however the stereo pressing was a few pence more and kept behind the counter.


The music industry was being steered by the record companies to get Stereo records into the hands of the public and the classic old 78rpm (Shellec Gramophone) record was scrapped forever. But it wasn't going to die easy. So that the public were not forced to replace all their records the 3 speeds were incorporated in all players. If you could afford a little extra you could now buy 'A Stereo Music Center'. This came with TWO wall or bookshelf type speakers to place as far apart as you could in your living room, FM and AM Radio, Bass & Treble controls and many with headphones so now you could listen to your records or the radio while others in the room could do other things. As the 1960s progressed these music centers would come down in price.


Almost all record companies were mastering in Stereo now but only releasing singles downmixed to mono.


In the U.K. charts things changed in March when the recognized U.K. charts were no longer compiled by N.M.E. (New Musical Express) magazine. This was now handed over to 'RECORD RETAILER' later to be owned by Music Week where it stayed until 1969 and just became Music Week the only chart reconized by the BBC and used for Top Of The Pops.

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