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In 1958 Rock 'n' Roll dominated the air waves, bars and the charts.


In January Elvis Presley was the first ever recording artist to enter into the U.K. Charts at number 1 with 'Jailhouse Rock', making him the undisputed King of Rock 'n' Roll.


There were many British artists that covered records released in the United States but more often than not it was the American artists that dome better in the U.K. charts.


1958 was also the year that brought Rock 'n' Roll to England and gave it it's own style. In June three young guys went into the H.M.V. flagship record store in Oxford Road in London to record a record. The singer was Indian born 'Harry Webb' who taken the stage name 'Cliff Richard'. Hank Marvin and Bruce Welch his backing musicians were to be called 'The Drifters' but later changed their name to 'The Shadows' to save confusion with the black American group of the same name. The demo they recorded was 'Lawdy Miss Clawdy' and 'Breathless'. They then set about the task of playing the demo to record companies in the hope they would get picked up. It was 'Columbia' records that gave them that very break and they started to record a song called 'Schoolboy Crush' and was about Cliff Richards experience of high school. The B side of the record was called 'Move It'. The record was released and started to airplay but it was not doing as well as originally thought. When the B side was played on air people flocked to the record store to buy this record and the record was re-labled as a AA side. 'Move It' / 'Schoolboy Crush' rose quickly up the charts and peaked at number 2 with Connie Francis keeping it from being number one with her double A side single 'Stupid Cupid' and 'Carolina Moon'. However Cliffs second single the following year did rise to the top and he went on to have the third most number ones in the U.K. beaten only by 'The Beatles' and 'Elvis Presley'.



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