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1957 saw Elvis Presley sell more records in the U.K. then the established big artists like 'David Whitfield', 'Alma Cogan', 'Winifred Atwell' and 'Johnnie Ray'.


It also saw rise to some of the biggest names in Rock 'n' Roll history like 'Little Richard', 'The Everly Brothers', 'Buddy Holly' together with his band 'The Crickets' and 'Paul Anka' who went to number 1 with 'Diana'


In January and February the record 'Garden Of Eden' saw four different artists with the title in the top 20 on the same week. But, it was Frankie Vaughan's version that got the number 1.


As the format was changing from the old 78rpm shellac records to the new 45rpm vinyl singles, the new record players were backward compatible. This was good for for those who knew what was happening and how to handle the new vinyl. However most of the general public did not bother to flip the stylus for each format and played the 45rpm vinyl singles with the 78rpm shellac stylus. As a result the grooves of the vinyl were instantly ruined. This explains why most secondhand singles available from that period sound so bad today. The vinyl single may have been unbreakable but it was far beyond undamagable. Just like the myth in 1983 with the introduction of CD, it was not indistructable.


Towards the end of the year the infamous 'Jerry Lee Lewis' released 'Great Balls Of Fire' and it went to the number 1 position on both sides of the Atlantic.


And 'Chuck Berry' finally entered the U.K. Charts.



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