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1956 saw more American records enter the U.K. charts than previous years. In the United States Rock 'n' Roll gripped the nation with Elvis topping the 'Billboard' Charts more than any other artist. While Heartbreak Hotel was number 1 on that side of the pond it was held off at the number 2 position in the U.K. by Ronnie Hiltons 'No Other Love'


The big change of 1956 was the new vinyl record players were getting more affordable and started to show more sales that the 78rpm shellec counterpart. The new record players came with 4 speeds 33rpm (12"), 45rpm (7"), 78rpm (10") and 16rpm(5"). The 5" shellec 16rpm records were very poor in sound quality and only used for speach and not music but quickly faded out and record players were soon to carry only the 3 main speeds needed. As the shellec 78s played on a different pick up the record players were sold with a flip over pick up to play both formats and make them backwards compatible to get people to switch to vinyl. It was announced that 78s were to stop production in the U.K. in 1960 giving people time to buy into the new vinyl format.


Vinyl had arrived and was going to be the main format until the Mid 1980s but even though it was to go into hiding during the 1990s and 2000s it is now making a serious comeback.


British singer Lonnie Donegan and his Skiffel Group broken into the charts with a track recorded the previous year in the United States by Johnny Cash and was doing well. He went on to have his first U.K. number 1 in 1960.


One of the biggest tracks of the year was the American song 'The Ballad Of Davy Crockett' which was a huge hit in the United States over 1955/56 and it entered the U.K. charts recorded by four different artists in January and February.


Stereo was starting to be used more in mastering but only in the big record lables that were guarenteed future sales knowing stereo sound was the better and the future. Elvis Presley didn't start recording his masters in Stereo until he returned from the Army in 1960 however 'Love Me Tender' was mastered in Stereo and never used. It was released in it's Stereo version in the 90s but is still mainly listened to in Mono.

Rock 'n' Roll had arrived and the teenagers loved it but it was still going to be another year before it dominated the U.K. charts and Elvis was to have his first U.K. number 1.


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