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1954 was an important year in British chart history.


The first two years of the charts were based on the sale of 78rpm gramophone records only.

On 1st November the chart included the new vinyl 7" 45rpm singles and the chart was expanded from the Top 12 to the Top 20.


The music chart was mainly made up of old fashioned Jazz, Vocal, Brass Bands, Gospel (United States) and the big selling artists of the Easy Listening and Country music genre. It wes aimed at dancing the Tango or Waltz.


The record buying public in the U.K. were in a stayed phase while record producers in the United States were looking for a new sound that would get more people buying records and would appeal to the younger generations that came of age after the war.


This new sound originally an extention of 'Rhythm & Blues' was only heard in the 'Black' music areas and would not be aired on other radio stations, so when 'Chuck Berry' came forward with a song he written, no record company wanted it. So, 'Berry' started his own recording company he called 'Chess' and released 'Maybellene' the following year.


The previous year a young 'white' 18 year old truck driver from Tupelo Mississippi recorded a demo cover as a gift for his mother called 'My Happiness' at Sun Records in Memphis.

After some persuasion from his secretary, owner and producer of the lable 'Sam Phillips' invited the young man back to the studio to try to make a new sound in a way that 'Phillips' could sell to the 'White' majority.


The young 'Elvis Presley' and his two garage mechanic friends played around with new sounds to the back drop of an old song called 'That's Alright Mama'.

The three hit on a sound that 'Phillips knew he could sell. In the next 8 months 'Presley' would release 4 singles (8 tracks) with 'Phillips'.


But, by 1955 Sun Recording Studio was in financial difficulty, so when RCA offered to buy Elvis off 'Phillips' for $35,000 (£150,000 UK 2016) he quickly taken the offer to invest in the lable. Over the next 5 years some of the most famous artists started their recording career with 'Sun' because of his investing including 'Roy Orbison' 'Jerry Lee Lewis' 'Johnny Cash' and 'Carl Perkins'.


In 1954 Elvis started to be heard on local radio stations in the south-east United States.

Rock 'n' Roll was being born and once it started to yell, nothing was going to stop it.


Not even the U.K. could ignore it as 'Bill Haley and His Comets' entered the U.K. charts in December.


1954 also saw the first ever double A side single where both sides were airplayed, Man / Woman by Rosemary Clooney and her husband Jose Ferrer.


In the U.K. 85 singles in total entered the chart. All are here digitally remastered in High Quality Mono from Original 78rpm gramaphone records or original analogue source.

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