Welcome To Every Chart Entry Of 1953


Welcome to the first ever complete year of BRITISH CHART MUSIC.


It was on 14th November 1952 that New Musical Express (N.M.E.) magazine created the first recognizable gramaphone records music chart. By new year 1953 there had been a total of just 27 records featured in this chart and only one number 1 which carried over in 1953, 'Here In My Heart' by 'Al Martino'.


1953 saw a total of 77 new entries in the chart which by todays standards would be minor. However, keeping in mind that the chart was only a top 12 record sales and some records would share the same position. It was common for a record to be in a chart position by the track rather than the artist. For example, 'Broken Wings' was released by three well known artists of the time, 'Dickie Valentine' 'Art And Dotty Todd' and 'The Stargazers'. It was The Stargazers version that reached number 1 in this year. You also found that some weeks had no new entries at all and were just a slight shuffle of the records already charted and many weeks saw only 1 new entry for that week. February saw only 2 records enter the chart, one of which was 'Perry Como' with his version of 'Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes' and it climbed steadily to the top.


1953 was also the year that the Queen of the United Kingdom 'Queen Elizabeth II' held her coronation after the death of her father King George VI in 1952. Television sets were not affordable to every household and as the coronation was broadcast on BBC, many homes charged neighbours to go round and gather in their living rooms to see the new Queen take her crown.


By the end of the year three artists recordings of the same track 'I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause' were battling for the new Christmas best selling record. But, it was 'Answer Me' by both David Whitfield and Frankie Laine that got the first Christmas number 1 since 'Here In My Heart'

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