Bangers & Mash

Bangers & Mash

O.K. so we're not serving dinner here. Basically a 'banger' in the world of music is a remix, usually a faster more club type remix of a slower, older song. The name comes from the late 1990s San Francisco Castro area where like many gay clubbing areas around the world at the time were using alternate club mixes of famous tunes. I heard it on a visit in late 2000. If it was a good remix it would be refered to a a 'floor banger' because it rhymed with 'clanger' which in the 'Chambers' and 'Oxford' dictionary means failure or rubbish, being a failed remix. So a new remix of an older song is played, is it a 'Banger' or a 'Clanger'


As most people know when a track is remixed with another track so that two or three older songs become one remixed track it is called a 'mash-up' which logically gets it's name from more than one track being mashed up together to make one.


'Bangers & Mash' a very old term used in England to describe a meal of sausages and mashed potatoes (sausages being refered to as bangers). Bangers and Mash was also a children's cartoon series in the U.K. broadcast on CITV in 1989, and repeated until around 1993. The series consisted of 24 five minute episodes.


So just my dropping the 'up' part of 'Mash-Up' and referring to a 'banger' as a good remix it was simple to name a collection

of tracks that consisted of some great remixed tracks and some mash-up remixes and for Chrismas 2009 I was

supplying the first 'Bangers & Mash' CD to listed D.Js around the world and not only was I making my

own Bangers & Mash-Ups but saving D.Js time by searching the right places on the internet for

other peoples work that I could use and hopefully get played in pubs and clubs and on Internet

radio and You Tube.


To date there are now six volumes of 'Bangers & Mash' and 'Greatest Hits' which is one volume put together

with all the best that have stayed popular over the last five years and all being well there should be 'Bangers & Mash 7' for the end of 2014.


Below is a track listing from the back of each volume. You will find 'Bangers & Mash' presented live 'coming soon' on Autumn Violets Music Radio.



This Collection and is available from here in .mp3 digital format or on C.D.

.mp3 is supplied with a bit rate of 320kbps.

Check out the contents and track listing by clicking on the image below.

As this is an ongoing collection that is updated frequently it is only available in C.D. format


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