The whole idea of 'STEREO' was to give the listener a truer feeling of the music. The idea was invented in the 1930s but scrapped due to the fact that gramophone records in the shellec formation could only carry one single monoral (Mono) frequency. Vinyl on the other hand could carry more than one channel (Stereo). Recording companies knew that stereo was the future and some of the well known bands and Jazz artists were recording in stereo from the early 1950s onwards.

When 'Rock 'n' Roll' hit the scene it was not expected to take off as it did and a lot was recorded with one microphone and one track tape. Sam Phillips of 'Sun' records in Memphis only used one microphone and a single track tape for making his records. Therefore the first eight Elvis Presley tracks and all his other artists like 'Johnny Cash' who recorded on his lable can never be anything other than Mono or fake stereo which in most cases sounded worse than the mono original.

When Elvis moved to RCA (One of the bigger international lables) he started to record with more than one microphone and multi-track tapes. In fact MOST large lables were recording in multi-track for most of the recordings made. Once the final take/mix was complete it was down mixed to 'Mono' to be sent to make the mother stampers that produced the vinyl that was bought in shops. The original 'Stereo' masters were never released to the public. Some have appeared over the years on various different albums but this has been rare. So, as a result some of the best music of the 1950s and 1960s, even those that made number one are never heard how the artist wanted you to enjoy their music.

At Autumn Violets Music we think that ALL music should be heard in REAL STEREO or God would have only given us one ear. We have searched for the original recordings as they were mastered before they were downmixed for Mono release and live in hope that the general public will some day be able to hear them. In the meantime we can supply you privatly with some of the Stereo masters we have found for your D.J. and musician listening pleasure. If you are influenced by music from the 1950s and 1960s you are in for a listening/feeling that will have you begging for more, just as it should be.


D.Jamie-Ray (Autumn Violets Music)

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