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Coming Soon in 2016 you will be able to hear all your favorite music from the 20th Century by decade each evening just by logging on here. If you don't hear your favorite song, just request it while logged in and we will add it to the play list.


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Saturdays and Sundays will be various play lists including CLASSIC COUNTRY between LIVE shows.


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Autumn Violets Music had very humble beginnings. The year 2000 had 43 UK #1s, most of which came straight in at #1 and mainly dissapeared the 2nd week, and the music charts haven't got any better since. The days where a great 45rpm single (usually 7" vinyl) came into the charts at a low position and deservedly climbing up the chart, hopefully to #1 were behind us and sadly the youth of today are deprived of the joy we got of getting our weekly singles from the record shops and rushing home to get the needle on the record. So with those days now gone it is vital that those of us who remember them, hold on to them and those too young to do so get an insight to the best recorded music in the whole of history.


As a former Hospital Radio D.J. from leaving school in the 1980s I started to make music collections from each decade as big and bold as I could make them, at first on CD-R and came to pass that others wanted copies and demand grew.

By 2004 I converted to PC mainly from vinyl and at at the highest quality bit rate possible and to supply D.Js with such music and hardware and Sound Advice


In 2009 I started to make Mash-Ups and Remixes, remixing old and new sounds to give new listeners a taste of classic tracks without diverting away from newer sounds.


In 2012 The BBC started to repeat Top Of The Pops on BBC4 in order or transmission from the date that all episodes were complete in the archives. The project was thwarted by the Jimmy Saville scandle and Operation Yew Tree however the BBC went ahead omitting episodes introduced by Saville and allso Dave 'Lee' Travis. As each year unfolded it would be accompanied by a documentary 'The Story Of' and the idea to make a collection of CDs not based on per Decade as is the Norm but as per year but unlike anything that anyone had done before to make sure it included ALL Chart singles of the year and not just one CD per year. Starting with 1979 it grew into 16 CDs and as the Show went into 'The Story Of 1980' it became easier to make each CD in order of each single as they entered the Charts. The Story Of 1980 was a sucess and so was The Story Of 1981. During 1981 the question was raised are we going to do the other years 1976 - 1978. On reflected we decided to do it and also got asked would we continue through the 1980s even if BBC4 stopped running the series. We then made the firm decision that Autumn Violets Music was not only going to do exactly that but the rest of the 1970s, 1990s, 1950s and 1960s with future plans to expand into the 21st Century and upto date.


The name came to me by remembering my dear belated grandmother who died in 2000, in the autumn to be exact and her name was Violet so it was fitting to remember her and the best memories of her growing up and the music that went along with it at the time.

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