A/V Installations

A/V Installations

Home Cinemas (A/V) Installation, Advice, P.C. Repair and Media Custom Builds.




In bygone times you just placed your TV set in the corner of the room and connected an aerial and went through a VCR and tuned in your A/V or Video Channel.


Sadly things are not that simple anymore. Today it's all about High Definition, flat panel sets, Blu-ray players and good cabling. With HDMI, Component, Composite, RF, Scart, USB, Mini USB, Fire Wire, SPDIF, Optical Fiber, Co-axial, Ethernet and hundreds of grades of speaker cable, not to mention speaker positioning. It's hard to know what is best and how to get the best out of what you have.


At Autumn Violets Music we give FREE advice on what you can do to get the best out of your audio and video system and if you are

setting up your own Home Cinama we will advise what is best for you, based on your budget. where to buy your equipment and install

everything for you.

We will service and repair your desk top P.C., home network and home cinamas and audio system.

We will install Multi-Room set ups, position and place your hardware (i.e. speakers, amps etc) for the best

analog and digital sound accustics to make you get the best out of and be proud of your home

entertainment system.


We will repair your P.C. in your home and on rare accasion take away to be repaired or advise

where to get your hardware repaired if not under guarantee.

We will custom build your media desk top P.C. for the best sound and graphics you can afford to make your viewing and listening pleasure a dream.


All work carried out by a 'Cisco' and 'Edexcel' certified I.T. and A/V technician.




We will install in homes and businesses, set up demo rooms and give FREE advice by email.



Autumn Violets Music does not sell hardware but will advise where to buy and what will be best for your needs and budget.


Autumn Violets Music use and recommend the following brands:-






Bowers and Wilkins


Oppo - Blu-ray


We recommend Super-Fi for all your Audio and Home Cinamas requirments. To go to the Super-Fi website CLICK HERE

For Oppo Blu-ray CLICK HERE




To book an installation or for more information email:-




Please Note:- Work can only be carried out in the U.K. within a 50 mile radious of Manchester